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10 Essential Elements of Dental Web Design

An effective dental web design can help draw the attention of new patients and generate more revenue for a dentist. There are several essential factors that can determine the success of a dentist’s website.

A few important elements that a developer should focus on while planning a website for a dentist are: SEO friendly design, useful content, and videos explaining dental treatments or procedures. A content rich website can educate patients and motivate them to take advantage of the experienced and expertise of the dentist.

More importantly, the website should have a responsive design and should be search engine friendly so that more and more patients can easily find the dentist and learn more about his/her services.

Here are a few essential tips for building a result-driven website for a dentist:
SEO-friendly web design: SEO or search engine optimization is the key to the success of a website in the online world, even if it is a dentist’s website. There should be a great emphasis on content and the keyword selection for the website to achieve a remarkable visibility on the major search engines.
Content-rich website: Patients will appreciate informative and educational content that can clear their doubts about a dental procedure. An informed patient will more likely to approach the dentist and will prefer to take his/her services. Thus, the website should have content and information that can satisfy queries of a patient.

Gallery of images: A sufficient number of good images can help a patient understand a dental procedure in a rather quick and convenient manner. At the same time, the website can showcase the facilities, equipments etc available in the clinic through an impactful image gallery. This will prove more convincing for a patient to choose the dentist for any kind of dental treatment.

Videos: An illustrative video can play a crucial role of explaining a complex dental procedure. Through videos, a dentist can convince patients that they have the solution to their specific dental problems. The website could have a video section with a number of videos to explain dental treatments.

Action oriented navigation: The website should have an intuitive navigation feature to guide visitors to browse through the website sections or parts for the best experience. A visitor should not browse through the site without any direction, but should be helped through an interactive content to land into the section to take an action. For example, after reading content about a dental procedure, the visitor should be guided to click on “Book an Appointment” for an action.

Case Studies: The website could also feature some of the case studies which can exemplify the expertise of the dentist. How the dentists treated a patient with his/her knowledge, experience and the latest technology could motivate the potential patients. The site can have a few case studies, covering a variety of dental procedures.

Patient’s Endorsement: A dental patient can be highly inspired by another person who might have undergone a treatment and could get rid of his/her problem. An endorsement from a real patient can bring more new patients for the dentist.

Interaction with patients: It is important to ensure a quick and speedy response with the potential patients through telephones, emails or online chats. The availability of online chat feature on the site can convert more visitors into potential patients. A customer care executive can be ready to answer visitors through online chat and can clear all doubts, so that they can move ahead for booking an appointment.

Appointment Scheduling: Several types of Appointment Scheduling software available today that can be implemented on a website, for patients to book an appointment in an automated environment. The process is quick and can motivate more patients to quickly book an appointment online.

Responsive web design: Today, there is a wide variety of computing and mobile devices available in the market, and people prefer using their handheld devices to explore the web. A responsive design will make sure that a patient can access a dentist’s website through his/her mobile device without any difficulty. The website will get more traffic and will also improve the chances of getting more patients.

It is important to understand that a dental patient may have several doubts and apprehension to visit a dentist. If a website could successfully answer those doubts, the dentist can get more patients. Thus, the site should have an explanatory type of content, which can help a patient in the decision making.

Dentists offer a variety of dental treatments, from cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry, dental implants and root canal treatments. This is the reason why the website design for all dentists cannot be the same. It is more important to highlight the specific service areas that the dentist has the experience and expertise to deliver. Thus, a dental website design should be unique for each and every dentist, with specifically chosen content and images to highlight the services offered by a dentist.

More importantly, the website should have well-defined sections so that a visitor should not get confused to access the content or learn more about the dental treatments that he or she is looking for. There should be a section to showcase the profile of the dentist or the team of the dentists. The qualification and training of the dentist(s) could be a motivating factor for a patient to select the dentist for the treatment.

The dental web design is a specialized niche and it is important that the website designer should involve the dentist in the development phase, particularly in verifying the authenticity of the content to be included on the website. The scientific terms from the field of dentistry should be chosen carefully and used appropriately for a visitor’s better understanding.

These are some of the important areas where the website designer or web design firm should pay attention to, for building and deploying a successful website for a dentist. In addition to create an impressive and feature-rich website, there should be efforts to increase the popularity of the site through SEO, social media optimization (SMO) and other helpful strategies.

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