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Dental Marketing Companies

There are thousands of general and cosmetic dentists as well as specialty dentists worldwide. The specialty dentists may include implantologists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, pedodontists, endodontists and periodontists. In the dental field, most dentists struggle to get the word out to current and prospective patients about much of the excellent services they provide.

With all the recent and upcoming technological innovations in dental care, dentists are faced by a bigger task to get good dental marketing companies. There are numerous services and technology in their practices than ever before such as digital x-rays, CT-scans, implants and extended gum care to name but a few. The dental market is highly competitive and sometimes full of surprises. For example, while most dentists dabble in marketing, others are quietly making substantial profits with effective marketing programs. There rises a need to invest in a marketing company that gives the dentist measurable results.

Dentists can grow their healthcare organizations through effective and compelling advertising. The healthcare organizations include- hospitals, device makers, physician groups and imaging centers among others. Advertising is everywhere and when done right and effectively, running ads can attract new and different customers, partners, referrers and patients. It can revitalize a brand, increase marketplace awareness of your brand and increase revenue. If advertising has a plan for success, it will be a successful and worth endeavor.

Advertising success is achievable if one knows what works. A comprehensive and cost-effective plan may include internet advertising, direct mail, magazine, broadcast on TV or radio, yellow pages, newspaper and print placement, media buying and out-of-home advertising which may include outdoor advertising on billboards, buses and signage. It is important to identify an advertising company with strategists with decades of experience in the market. They must have a mature, complex and thorough understanding of how to create a compelling brand and marketing messages that drives maximum response. The company must know; where you should run your ad, the frequency, the right timing, what your advert should say and how it should be said, what is known to get results or not get results, how to adjust your message to fit different audiences and how your ad can outperform competition from other brands.

It is important for dentists to master Social Media for their healthcare marketing. They may use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or other platforms to advantage. The dentists can always identify healthcare marketing webinars to get useful ideas, tips, tricks and techniques on social media as a productive tool for marketing.

Here are a few best practice tips about effective social media:
Social media is a digital expression of the human experience. Give information on the human side of your dental practice, organization or institution. Go optical-it speaks much louder. Post using an image, graphic or other visuals as it attracts more attention. Be brief, to the point.

Create a content calendar and overview plan and then stick with it. Insist on your audience and address their needs and interests. They are far more interested in having you get to know them than they are in hearing about you. Listen, connect, interact…but don’t “sell” They may think you are all about the money and not quality services. Include ways to interactively engage the audience, relationships matter.

Figuring out what works and what don’t work can be extremely expensive and exhausting process. Testing and tracking every conceivable variable in every promotion medium will run you broke. The reduced risk is sourcing for a reputable marketing firm where your marketing budget will generate more. Most dentists think everyone wants a deal-false! There are patients out there that would choose a healthcare provider based primarily on price. There are also new patients out there that would choose a healthcare provider based on the price. The top half of the dental market is the most difficult to attract. This is the portion of the dental market that requires all of that research, testing and statistical analysis. When you are able to consistently attract them, it ensures long-term return on your investment.

Building a rock-solid reputation in dentistry as a marketing firm is not easy. It takes hard work, consistent results for clients, a lot of time and integrity. Simply, there are no shortcuts. Dentists may not get excited about marketing until five or more projects are going on at the same time. It is usually nice to have one dental advertising company that could handle your website, optimization, a mail campaign and maybe a radio campaign. A dental marketing company at your disposal that could blend all your designs, orchestrates your deployment, and coordinates all your promotions. They can conserve costs by producing in bulk, conserve costs through skilled negotiation with media outlets and proper media analysis. They can re-allocate underperforming media to performing media more quickly and help conserve your marketing dollars.

There are literally hundreds of ways and cosmetic dentists as well as specialty dentists can use their marketing dollars to promote their practice by sourcing for reliable, and reputable dental marketing companies. Sadly, many of these marketing companies are more useless than useful; they indulge dentists to needlessly waste a lot of money trying new things to reach to the constituents. It is therefore very important to identify emerging media and testing them for cost effectiveness and predictability before settling on a dental marketing company.

It is equally important for dentists to take interest in marketing summits and learn how to compete in a saturated market and avoid being “obvious and just another dentist”. They can learn on the exact marketing plan that suits their budget, their patient demographics and how effectively reach them. They can get tools to make sure they can win the marketing war before they even begin; by getting their teams involved; avoid weak promotion and get predictable results; discover how to attract more that their fair share of the right new patients and end frustration of not knowing what to do, when or how.


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