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Marketing is a conjoint twin of business/ profession. If you want to grow business you need to market your products as well as services. These days the competition has risen to such a level that without marketing business is almost impossible. If one needs to grow business he simply needs to advertise about his/ her services. In present times even professionals like doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants etc. too have to market their services to bring- in new clients. Gone were the times when a person would open his/ her office, put up a board announcing his name and degrees and wait for clients/ customers to arrive.

Competition has brutally murdered such times and straightforward practices. Now if you want to settle and earn well, you need to shout to the world out there, that you are here to provide them best of the best services. Similar is the case with dentists. In every nook and corner, there is a dentist trying to establish his practice. To overcome the competition because of excessive flooding of dentists, one needs to openly publicize his practice. Dentistry is in itself a vast field within which there are different, different specializations like orthodentistry. A dentist can choose one or many such specialties and specialize in them.

Marketing is a vast ocean, the farther you go in it, the deeper it gets. One needs to first design out a strategy, work out the costs involved and the output it will generate. Simply putting money is not a fruitful solution. A dentist can hire a marketing consultancy firm to bring in the ideas and requisite form of marketing. However, if a dentist wants to go solo and do dental marketing on his/ her own, here are a few ideas he/ she can use. They are namely,

Marketing via Existing Customers
A dentist can market his services through his existing customers by treating them respectfully. A patient hates waiting the most. Maintain non- overlapping time slots so that the patient doesn’t have to wait much. Never make them wait unnecessarily and for a long time. Remember mouth publicity is still the best marketing method. It has an impact which other forms of marketing can never have. Talk to them politely and understand their problems in one go. Give them the best treatment. Look into their eyes while talking to them. Look and dress sincere. Also keep a easy going body language which attracts them. Be open and truthful to them. Give them personalized services like addressing the patient with his/ her name, making follow up calls after a stipulated time, sending them occasional greetings etc. Make them comfortable and don’t think of earning money in one go. Charge them what you are actually worthy of. A practice is called successful only when the existing clients are happy and again come back to you.

Target Marketing
Target Marketing is an indirect marketing concept carried out in a small geographical area. It is worthless to spend hundred thousands of money in marketing by choosing a wide area when you won’t get the desired result. Instead, choose a small area, as in, a precinct, a few blocks etc. Target marketing is an efficient way of marketing in a smaller crowd. Publicize about your services in a subtle manner in one area at a time.

Online/ Internet marketing
Everyone these days goes online, either to search information or to shop. Paperback directories have been converted into web portals, where information is available for free. Get yourself listed to such portals and advertise there. Also, get a website made which is optimized according to SEO techniques. Start a blog and keep posting articles in medical and scientific journals based on SEO. This will ensure your presence among colleagues and patients. Enlist yourself with online medical, local and other sorts of directories and book advertisement places for yourself. This will also be a good tactic of marketing.

A dentist can also send newsletters to his patients making them aware of the latest developments in the field of dentistry. He can also send them reminders to get a general check up done or simple christmas, new year, easter greetings. A doctor can also use social media as a marketing tool by logging in on linkedin, facebook, twitter etc.

Design your clinic
Designing your clinic does not only mean keeping its rooms decorative. It also includes training of clinic staff. Design your clinic in a way that it looks attractive and welcomes patients. Have a polite and smiling receptionist who always dresses well. Train her to greet and assist every patient as they arrive. Decorate your waiting area/ reception in such a manner that a patient feels comfortable. The walls should have framed pictures of positive quotes and dental information/ procedures. It should always give out a positive vibe. Have some fresh flowers, latest magazines and newspapers for customers to read. Often a patient is accompanied by a partner, give them the same respectful treatment that a patient deserves. Offer a glass of water to every customer. Ask your staff to always have a smile on their face.

Marketing through Referrals
Referrals is a good way of marketing. It is subtle and bears good results. A dentist can ask his colleagues and friends in the dental or medical profession to refer him to their customers/ patients. It often happens that a person is a suffering from stomach infection and also has his teeth infected with germs and cavities. In such cases either doctor can refer the other to their customer. Contact doctors and make tie-ups with them. Barter patients with them and work in symbiosis.

As is pointed out earlier marketing is a big ocean and the more you do something with it the further you want to go. Dental Marketing is one such example. Marketing is of use only when the dentist himself is knowlegeable and an expert in handling dentistry. Knowledge speaks for itself and if one is conversant and au courant with latest dental procedures he/ she will automatically shine out like a diamond in a coal field. Make sure to market your expertise all along.

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